Valens Global conducts training and lectures for clients, preparing them for domestic and international operations. 

Our experts deliver complex information in a clear and accessible way. 

Delivered trainings and lectures on topics such as: 

  • ISIS and al-Qaeda Competition
    ISIS: The Future of Global Jihad
    The Islamic State: A New Genre of Foe for a New Media Age
    The ISIL Campaign in Anbar
  • ISIS and al-Qaeda Competition
    Americans in al-Qaeda
    Al-Qaeda and its Affiliates
    The Arab Awakening and the Future of al-Qaeda
  • Islamic Radicalization to 2025
    Global Jihad: Competition vs. Cooperation
    The Economic Strategy of Jihad
    Mapping the Global Islamist Insurgency
    Tribalism, Jihadism, and Lone Wolf Political Violence
  • The Future of Terrorism: Combatting the Next Wave
    Terrorist Use of the Internet
    Countering Terrorist Narratives
    The Nexus Between Crime and Terror
    Lone Wolves and Loose Networks
    Tactics to Undermine Terrorist Organizations
  • Domestic Intelligence: New Powers, New Risks
    The Danger of ‘Homegrown’ Terrorism in the USA
    Homegrown Terrorism, Local Initiative, and ‘Lone Wolves’
  • Countering Youth Radicalization
    Terrorist De-Radicalization Programs
    Foreign Fighters and Radicalization Threats
  • The Chaotic Future of the Middle East
    Assessing the Surge
    Gulf States: Political, Economic, and Social Trends
    Geography of Kuwait
    Terrorism and the United Arab Emirates
  • North Africa:
    Ansar al-Sharia Tunisia: Dawa, Hisba, and Jihad
    Ansar al-Sharia’s War with Tunisia
    Tunisia and Ansar al-Sharia: Foreign Fighters and the Evolution of a Jihadist Group
    Successes and Failures of the US and NATO Intervention in Libya
    Libya’s Escalating Civil War
    Horn of Africa:
    Africa’s Youth in the Age of Extremism
    Somalia: America’s Forgotten Battleground
    The War Against al-Qaeda in Somalia
    Prospects of Governance in Somalia
    History in the Horn of Africa
    Drivers of Instability and Radicalization in Northeast and East Africa 
  • Pakistan’s Military and Religious Extremism
    Afghanistan After the US Drawdown
    History of Afghanistan
    Pakistan: Protests and Policy
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