Our Methodology.

Our team consistently produces timely and accurate analytic reports and threat assessments on the challenges posed by violent non-state actors, terrorism, organized crime, disinformation, and other defining national and international security issues. Our methodology integrates a variety of techniques, including qualitative analysis, social network analysis, social media analysis, sentiment analysis, and AI-enabled predictive analysis.

Our Methodology.

Valens uses a mix of tested and cutting-edge methods to achieve superior foresight. These methods include actor-centric analysis of hostile groups, field research, open-source tradecraft, big data, and social network analysis. Our bedrock guarantee of quality is that we make our analysis measurable, which helps clients to gauge the value they are receiving, and allows our analysts to adapt quickly to unexpected events.

Our Services

Why We’re Different

  • Our team of analytical experts and experienced leaders, our methodology, and our use of technology enable us to produce more intelligent insights, analysis, and vision.

  • Our approach and team dynamics make it possible to complete highly accurate and valuable work in a shorter time, without loss in quality.

  • The quality of our work product has been shown to outperform competitors.

  • Our team performs research and analysis from an innovative, forward-thinking perspective that utilizes unconventional methodologies and unearths insights that other firms cannot.

  • We work to provide greater transparency to our clients, through all stages of our engagements, to enable greater insight into the work process and budgets; to ensure that client feedback and needs are incorporated into every product, thus making them uniquely suited to the client’s needs; and to demonstrate a deeper level of trustworthiness.

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