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Nina Ponzeto

Carolina “Nina” Ponzeto is the Chief Operating Officer at Valens Global. At Valens, Nina designs and implements business strategies, plans and procedures, supports internal and external growth by overseeing day-to-day operations, talent acquisition, and client relationship management. Before joining Valens, Nina developed response, recovery, and business continuity exercises for private and public sector clients as an emergency management consultant at the Cadmus Group. Prior to that, she was a Brent Scowcroft fellow at the Aspen Strategy Group, focusing on client-management and logistics for their yearly Security Conference.

Nina is currently pursuing her MBA at Georgetown University. She has a Masters degree from Georgetown University in Security Studies, where she completed a thesis which examined the correlation between Dengue Fever outbreaks and political campaign outcomes in Brazil. She also graduated cum laude from the George Washington University with degrees in International Affairs, Psychology and a minor in Peace Studies. She is fluent in Portuguese and skilled in Spanish.

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