Valens Global designs and facilitates a variety of scenarios that prompt participants to examine challenges as either Tabletop Exercises or War Games. Challenges that Valens simulations have examined range from global affairs issues such as climate change, terrorism, and pandemic response (for academic and governmental clients); the promulgation of best practices for terrorist watchlisting and addressing racially and ethnically motivated violent extremism (for intergovernmental organizations); and responses to cyber-attacks (for private companies that need to test their crisis response capabilities). In Valens simulations, participants critically evaluate relevant information, negotiate with allies and adversaries, and exercise decision making skills. Our simulations provide realistic, relevant scenarios that can build experience and expertise, and help planners to anticipate dilemmas that are either likely to arise or else that could potentially take them by surprise. War Games are immersive multiplayer, scenario-based exercises while Tabletop Exercises allow participants to analyze relevant challenges, with the exercise focused on robust discussions and the decision-making process.

Our Services

Valens Global subject matter experts, analysts, and wargaming staff work together to create an immersive, realistic environment for participants to navigate relevant challenges and exercise strategic decision-making skills. Valens has a number of pre-made War Games (featured on our website) but also can create bespoke games that speak to a client’s needs. In Valens games, participants are assigned a state or non-state actor role. Each team must react to developments in the game world crafted by Valens staff, as well as the moves made by other player teams. This dynamic environment creates a complex, tactile experience that mirrors the dilemmas confronted in the real world.

A Tabletop Exercise is a discussion-based game, facilitated by an experienced moderator, that fosters discussion among participants. Valens Global’s Tabletop Exercises are customized to serve the client’s needs. They have received rave reviews across a range of uses, including forming the basis of toolkits helping countries respond to various aspects of the terrorism challenge (Global Counterterrorism Forum), helping think tanks think through and craft reports about complex economic relationships (Foundation for Defense of Democracies), and training foreign service officers.

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