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Navigate the Digital Frontier with Confidence: Valens Global's Digital Threats, Opportunities, and Risk Practice (DTOR)

In today’s hyperconnected world, digital threats are omnipresent, posing potentially existential risks to your organization’s success. Yet, amidst the challenges lie immense opportunities for innovation, efficiency, and growth. Valens Global empowers you to confidently navigate this complex digital landscape – so you can benefit from technological advances instead of being held back by the inertia of digital threats that accompany them.

Decision-makers in both public and private sectors face an unprecedented challenge: understanding the rapidly evolving digital threat landscape and making informed decisions that safeguard your organization’s future. Our dedicated team of seasoned experts and AI-powered tools provide you with the invaluable insights and strategies you need to:

Proactively identify and assess
digital threats

  • Leverage AI-driven threat intelligence platforms to gain real-time insights into emerging threats and vulnerabilities.
  • Quantify the potential impact of cyberattacks and data breaches using advanced risk assessment tools.
  • Prioritize your mitigation efforts based on data-driven insights and cost-benefit analysis.

turn disruption into


  • Utilize AI-powered solutions to analyze vast amounts of data and identify hidden patterns for security optimization.
  • Automate repetitive tasks and free up resources for proactive security initiatives.
  • Identify and exploit emerging digital technologies to gain a competitive edge and drive innovation.

Make informed risk management decisions

  • Gain a holistic view of your organization’s cybersecurity posture with AI-powered risk maps and heatmaps.
  • Translate complex cyber risks into clear, actionable insights for informed budget allocation and investment decisions.
  • Optimize your security posture with evidence-based, data-driven strategies.


  • Stay ahead of the curve with AI-powered threat prediction models and scenario planning tools.
  • Adapt and thrive in a dynamic environment with continuous monitoring and analysis of the evolving threat landscape.

Valens Global is your trusted partner in navigating the digital age. We offer a suite of services designed to meet the unique needs of decision makers:

Executive briefings

Get concise overviews of pressing digital threats and opportunities tailored to your industry and organization, supported by AI-powered insights.

Tailored risk assessments

Identify and prioritize vulnerabilities with advanced AI tools, and develop data-driven mitigation strategies with quantifiable impact assessments.

Scenario planning and wargaming

Prepare for potential crises with AI-powered simulations and test your response plans in a safe, controlled environment.

Speaking engagement

Invite our experts and AI specialists to your conferences, industry events, or internal seminars to gain valuable insights and engage in thought-provoking discussions.

Custom training and workshops

Equip your team with the knowledge and skills they need to stay vigilant and proactive, enhanced by interactive AI-powered learning modules.

Our Experts

al-husein madhany

Al-Husein Madhany has served as an Advisor to Valens Global for 10 years. He has been working in Artificial Intelligence since 2019 and the Digital Currency space since 2016. His core expertise is in bringing together people of common cause to drive systems-level change via Public-Private partnerships and Philanthropy.

Omar khawaja

Omar Khawaja leads Databricks’ Field Security practice globally, teaches at Carnegie Mellon’s CISO program, sits on the boards of HITRUST and FAIR Institute, spent 9 years as CISO of a $26B enterprise and is leading a team that developed an operationalizable AI security framework for 12,000 enterprise data platform customers at Databricks.

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