We look deeper,
find the truth,
and lean into innovation.

Valens Global takes a comprehensive, methodical, and thoughtful approach to security. We provide information, analysis, and strategies that anticipate and address complex and critical threats to people, businesses, and organizations. We are a new kind of security, research, and analysis firm. One that is transforming the way security is approached. One that challenges the conventional wisdom of our industry. We unearth deeper insights, provide better analysis, and enable more effective responses.

Cutting-edge methods.
Straightforward analysis.
Accurate forecasting.

Valens Global provides governments, private companies, non-governmental organizations, and other clients with clear and accurate products and services to help them understand and effectively respond to the challenges posed by terrorist groups and other violent non-state actors. Our strong record comes from repeatedly challenging conventional wisdom. Our clients trust us when lives are at stake. We take our work seriously, and approach every project with the utmost resolve and commitment.