analysis hub

Valens Global produces analyses and threat assessments on the challenges posed by national and international security issues. We provide information, analysis, and strategies that anticipate and address complex and critical threats. Our analytic products rely on a number of methods, including highly rigorous qualitative analysis, social network analysis, social media analysis, sentiment analysis, and predictive analysis using machine learning.

Our Offerings

information operations

We empower clients to understand and counter existing and emerging malign information operations.

great power competition

We apply our expertise and provide information and insight to this global security challenge.

ISIS, al-Qaeda and Aligned Actors

We produce timely and accurate research and threat assessments posed by various transnational jihadist extremist groups.

domestic violent

We work on this evolving threat through a range of outputs, to include providing analysis of various violent extremist ideologies and building the crisis architecture paradigm.

transnational criminal organizations

We provide analysis on various forms of trafficking, from drugs and human trafficking to firearms trafficking and migration patterns.


We provide analysis on geopolitics, leveraging regional expertise with comparative perspectives to produce cutting-edge insights.

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