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Our experts provide resilience and resistance expertise and support to U.S. Allied and Partner Nations developing irregular deterrence capabilities as part of their national defense strategies. Resilience efforts are focused on hardening the society to survive the pressures of natural and man-made disasters, including war. Resistance efforts focus on pre-crisis development of national, whole-of-nation, comprehensive defense approaches to resist a full or partial occupation of a nation’s sovereign territory using a combination of military and civilian capacities and capabilities. The goal of resilience and resistance is to ideally deter military action by adversarial nations, but if deterrence fails, empower the nation to carry on an organized resistance against an occupier.

Our Offerings

Why Are We An Industry Leader in the R2 Space?

Valens Global provides unique resilience and resistance subject matter expertise to U.S. Partner and Allied Nations which compliments efforts by the U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM), Theater Special Operations Commands (TSOC), and NATO Special Operations Headquarters (NSHQ).

We bring the power of the private sector to this unique solutions space, providing both advanced education and application based on decades of experience supporting these and similar efforts globally, to meet the needs of nations developing these capabilities.

We provide sustained, subject matter expertise to address gaps and pain points of Allies and Partners’ resilience and resistance efforts where USSOCOM, TSOCs, and NSHQ may not have the margin or expertise to support these efforts at the point and speed of need.

Our team consists of former special operations and interagency personnel, many graduates of U.S. Army School of Advanced Military Studies (SAMS) and various War Colleges, as well as several academics and PhDs with resistance-related areas of expertise.

No other organization in the private sector or government has the first-hand operational experience with real-world R2 efforts, the rich academic background and understanding of similar efforts throughout history, or lastly, the passion for supporting U.S. Partners and Allies in this space.

Our team of experienced subject matter experts have supported similar R2 efforts from the tactical to the strategic levels, including supporting:

  • The Eastern European resilience and resistance development efforts for over a decade.
  • Former Iraqi Sunni Insurgents, both clandestinely and overtly, as they as they resisted and rose against the oppression of al Qaeda in Iraq (AQI) in 2007.
  • Kurdish Peshmerga in Northern Iraq as part of the U.S. unconventional warfare campaign during Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003.
  • Former Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) members as they transitioned to members of the government of Kosovo, both locally and nationally, 1999-2002.


These experiences, as well as our deep understanding of historical cases of similar efforts, provides our SMEs with unique insights into the challenges and needs of nation’s developing resilience and resistance efforts.

What is Our R2 Methodology?

We provide unclassified and tailored subject matter expert support to our client’s efforts. We use adult learning models and case studies to lead our clients on a journey of discovery around their specific R2 pain points, in other words, their tactical, operational, or strategic resilience and resistance problems.

We use design methodology and our experiences to help the client frame the problem and develop viable solutions to solve the problem based on their own operational and strategic resilience and resistance approaches. We ensure their solutions are operationally sound and do not violate any key principles of resilience and resistance.

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