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Valens Global designs and runs wargames that give participants the opportunity to explore real-world dilemmas. Participants are asked to respond to news and intelligence, collaborate with other teams, make decisions, and navigate the consequences. Our wargames engage the brain and inspire decision-making through the development of a tactical learning environment. Our plots, characters, and media environments simulate the complexity and challenges of tackling global issues in a changing landscape. We have hosted previous simulations for Canada’s Department of National Defence, Foundation for Defense of Democracies, Georgetown University among others. To learn more about war games run by Valens Global through participants’ eyes, explore below.

Our Wargames

Examples of Past Wargames


Carnegie Mellon Institute for Politics and Strategy


Duke University’s Program in American Grand Strategy

Threat Level: Midnight

Johns Hopkins University, Krieger School of Arts & Sciences, MA Global Security Studies


“I LOVED it. The multifaceted plot was so rich with content and you really had to think hard about it to make it work. Thanks for the opportunity.”

Participant, “Sleeping Giants” war game, National Security Fellows Program, Foundation for Defense of Democracies, Fall 2020
“The simulation was very realistic and creative. It gave the teams a lot of freedom but also limitations to act only, and only when working with the other organizations could we really achieve our goals.”

Participant, “Acceleration” wargame, Carnegie Mellon University, Spring 2021
“I greatly enjoyed the simulation! I thought it was a wonderful opportunity to gain experience in interagency communications and in better understanding the complexities faced by public/private partnerships and how all of these groups can (or cannot) work together. 10/10!”

Participant, “Acceleration” wargame, American University, Spring 2021
“The simulation was extremely enjoyable, and it allowed me to deeply explore complex issues through a wide variety of lenses. Working with such a diverse team as mine was, was truly a great experience.”

Participant, “Utopia or Oblivion?” wargame, Canadian Department of National Defence/Johns Hopkins University, Spring 2021
“This was one of the best classroom experiences I have had at Duke. From the engaging, high-stakes scenario, to working with a great team, to being empowered to make decisions and witness the outcomes, I'm very pleased with how this class encouraged creativity and offered a hands-on route to practice the skills and theories I have learned in other classes.”

Participant, “Sleeping Giants” wargame, Duke University, Fall 2021
“Outstanding! When is the next one??”

Participant, “Exodus” wargame, Johns Hopkins University, Fall 2021

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