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    Demystifying al-Qaida in Nigeria

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    Sadat’s War Strategy: Political Gains vs. Military Victory

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    Tens of Thousands of Syrian Rebels Poised to Regroup

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    Terrorists Are Using Drones Now. And That’s Not the Worst of It.

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    Save The Terrorism Prevention Toolkit

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    ISIS’ Blueprint: The Second Life of an al Qaeda Proposal

  • Manchester Shows How Terrorists Learn

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    AQIS Fits Into al-Qaeda’s Global Strategy

  • Lone Wolves No More

  • The Coming Islamic Culture War

Daveed Gartenstein-Ross
Madeleine Blackman
Carolina Ponzeto
Tara Vassefi
Vivian Hagerty
Sarah Sheafer
Sandro Bedjic
Bryce Aspelund
Jonathan Prohov
Jacob Zenn
Al-Husein Madhany
Aaron Reese

“Valens is a top-notch, up-and-coming company with some of the best researchers/analysts in the business. For the last 6 months, they accurately predicted the current Iraq/Syria crisis and provided in-depth analysis on the Ebola threat, saving my client millions of dollars in business investments in the oil/gas sectors. Valens takes open source analytics to the next level, and I highly recommend their services.”

Lt. Col. Rudolph Atallah, USAF Ret.

CEO of White Mountain Research LLC 

“I highly recommend using Valens. After getting my masters from National Defense University in the course subject Valens did an amazing job condensing this material to timely, relevant, and in-depth info.”


Individual Terrorism Awareness Seminar led for U.S. Department of Defense

“Dr. Gartenstein-Ross definitely increased my awareness and knowledge of virtual planning tactics being utilized in today’s terror attacks. Very knowledgeable speaker and presenter.”


Anti-Defamation League Advanced Training School (ATS)

“Of all the terrorism blocks of instruction in my 22 years of military service, and especially since 9/11, this course was the best that I have ever attended.  Excellent instruction. Well done.”


Individual Terrorism Awareness Seminar led for U.S. Department of Defense

“Very knowledgeable speaker with good info. I developed a couple of action items for my agency based on the presentation.”


Anti-Defamation League – Advanced Training School (ATS)

“I was very happy to be able to hire the Valens team to run a strategic simulation about the post-9/11 world for our graduate students. Valens put together a well-organized, well-documented day-long game that really challenged the students and led them to important insights. I was very impressed and plan to make this a regular part of our curriculum.”

Mark Stout, Ph.D

Director, MA in Global Security Studies Program at Johns Hopkins University 



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